Direct imaging of electron density with a scanning transmission electron microscope

Tuesday publication update! A new pioneering technique, known as secondary electron e-beam-induced current (SEEBIC), offers atomic-scale insights into material properties like conductivity, connectivity, and work function. However, this technique can also be used together with in situ electron microscopy. In this newest work, authors used the #FusionAX system and SEEBIC imaging on a stacked 2D … Read More

Mapping of the electrostatic potentials in a fully processed led device with nm-scale resolution by in situ off-axis electron holography

Additional Friday publication update! In this newest publication, the authors used the electrical capabilities of the #FusionAX system to look at the optoelectronic properties of fully processed red-emitting AlGaInP micro-diode devices ️The quantum wells within the diode exhibited a fascinating behavior—they rested on a potential gradient until reaching the threshold forward bias voltage for light … Read More

In situ TEM studies of relaxation dynamics and crystal nucleation in thin film nanoglasses

Tuesday publication update! In this recent publication, the #FusionAX system was used to directly observe crystallization processes at glass-glass interfaces in sputtered CuZr thin film nanoglasses. The authors utilizing in situ heating experiments combined with other interesting techniques such as nanobeam diffraction patterns (NBDP) and electron correlation microscopy (ECM). This powerful combination allowed them to … Read More

Asymmetric nanoparticle oxidation observed in-situ by the evolution of diffraction contrast

Tuesday publication update! Are you interested in structural compositional changes during dynamic behaviors? The following article has researched just this! In this latest work in-situ TEM experiments using the #FusionAX system have uncovered the oxidation from wüstite-magnetite (FeO@Fe3O4) core-shell nanoparticles to single crystalline magnetite, Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Using the ‘Ashby-Brown contrast,’ the structural changes of these … Read More

New Installation at the University of York!

New Installation alert!️So thrilled to share that a new Fusion system with AXON Synchronicity was installed at the University of York’s JEOL Nanocentre earlier this fall! Special thank you to our very own @Evan for leading this effort! Thank you Dr. Lari for having us on site! Looking forward to witnessing great scientific discoveries in … Read More

Preparation of High-Quality Sample for MEMS-Based In-Situ (S)TEM Experiments

Tuesday publication update! Congratulations to @Vesna from the university of Stuttgart on publishing this nice work showing a new methodology for the preparation of focussed ion beam (FIB) lamella for in-situ microscopy. Additionally, they investigated what the influence of the beam was on the electrical and electro-thermal measurements. Furthermore, thinning of the whole lamella or … Read More

A Single-Pt-Atom-on-Ru-Nanoparticle Electrocatalyst for CO-resilient Methanol Oxidation

Sit down and enjoy reading a new publication on a Tuesday! Single Pt atom catalysts are key targets because a high exposure of Pt substantially enhances electrocatalytic activity. In this paper the authors of #UniversityofNewSouthWales used the #ProtochipsAduro holder to intiate a heating experiment on single Pt atom catalysts. Using an environmental transmission electron microscope … Read More