Focus on the Sample, Not the Microscope

Never miss a moment during sample changes. Using AXON Synchronicity, you can prioritize the most important experiment parameters such as magnification, temperature ramp rates, and camera refresh rates and our TEM software manages the rest for you. AXON Synchronicity ensures that your sample stays locked in place as environmental conditions change with drift correction and focus assist, even at extreme magnifications and conditions. The software also collects and saves over 200 metadata that are all indexed, making the software comply with the FAIR principles.

Using one of Protochips' in situ systems, the in situ controls are linked together with this revolutionary new software platform. By linking drift control, data storage, and image acquisition, our software improves data quality, enhances and extends your current microscope capabilities and lowering the barrier for both in situ and ex situ experiments.

Sample, TEM & Detectors

Lock the sample, optical column and detectors together, for an ultrastable experience under any conditions

Sync Your TEM Data

Store and synchronize every data point across the platform, including TEM and in situ data, for effortless analysis and publishing

Experimental Priority

Decide your most important experimental goals and let the system automate the process to deliver them

What is AXON Synchronicity?

Completely redefines the in situ experience

Greatly reduce the learning curve for in situ experiments, decreasing the amount of user support required. A single user can now easily operate the TEM and in situ system, reducing the complexity of operation. Synchronize images with all experimental parameters for analysis in the lab or offline.

See every moment as your reaction unfolds

Image at higher resolutions throughout the entire experiment, for a distraction-free view, and capture the critical moments of your sample reaction even during temperature changes. AXON empowers new types of research to unlock new applications.

A platform that will continually expand your capabilities

The AXON platform delivers a robust upgrade path to future releases, so your systems gain capabilities, and you have the latest functionality. AXON is compatible with microscopes, detectors, and cameras by major manufacturers. AXON is also compatible with TEM holders from other manufacturers.


Combine AXON With Our In Situ Solutions

AXON Synchronicity and AXON Studio work hand in hand with our heating and biasing (Fusion AX), liquid cell (Poseidon AX) and gas cell (Atmosphere AX) solutions. Live image streams are fully enriched with TEM, camera/detector and in situ metadata and are easily organized, viewed, filtered and published. Discover subtle trends in your data that would have previously gone unnoticed and find your breakthrough.

In Situ Gas Cell

Atmosphere AX introduces realistic, environmental temperatures and pressures inside the TEM, enabling you to image materials and processes in real-time.

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In Situ Liquid Cell

Poseidon AX seals a liquid environment between two electron-transparent membranes allowing you to observe real-time behavior within native liquid samples.

Click here to learn more about Poseidon AX

In Situ Heating and Biasing

Fusion AX precisely controls thermal and electrical processes within the electron microscope, allowing you to explore sample behavior during heating and cooling.

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