This year Protochips’ launched our in-situ AX product line, a workflow driven approach to in-situ and operando TEM studies. By combining our machine-vision software, AXON, with state-of-the-art, our goal is to provide our users with tools that equip them for success, from the initial sample prep to experimental results analysis. Furthering this commitment, I am excited to announce the launch of a new Success Community experience which will streamline customer training and provide a wealth of educational and support resources that can be accessed 24/7. Over the past several months, our team has overhauled and updated the Protochips Success Community, streamlining searchability, improving organization and developing a framework to support more multimedia content and tutorials.

New Success Community Image

Product Resourch Pages

The newly redesigned site features an easy-to-navigate landing page which brings you right to the most important resources for each Protochips product: AXON, Atmosphere AX, Fusion AX, and Poseidon AX. Opening a product page displays a list of core articles which walk the user through the experimental workflow, including preparation, setup, and performing an experiment. Within each core article, is linked table of contents, which enables you to navigate directly to the section of an article that contains the information you need. Video tutorials are embedded directly within the articles themselves, so you don’t have to navigate out of an article you’re reading to view the content. In addition to the Core Articles, you’ll find a wealth of technical resources, troubleshooting guides and applications focused content such as bibliographies, webinars, and user presented FlashTalks. Because the full text of each article in the Success Community is searchable, you can find and preview applicable articles with much greater precision than ever before – making is much easier to find the information you are looking for, without wading through irrelevant material or opening multiple pdfs before you find the document you need.

The In Situ TEM Studies Page

March Success Community Update

Additionally, we’re excited to introduce a new section of the Success Community: In-Situ TEM Studies.  This page hosts a variety of educational resources, from webinar series and customer Flash Talks, to curated bibliographies.  We’ll be adding to this page regularly and intend for it to serve as a starting point for anyone interested in learning more about in-situ TEM techniques and how their fellow scientists are utilizing them within their studies. The In-Situ TEM Studies page and its content is accessible to anyone with a Protochips’ Success Community account.  It’s free to sign-up for an account, and we encourage you to share it colleagues, students, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about cutting-edge in-situ TEM research!

More articles are being added to the Success Community every day, so I encourage all our users to join the Protochips’ Success Community and make the most of these resources. If you already have an account, you don’t need to make any changes – just login as usual and you’ll have immediate access to the updated content and user experience!

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