Catalytic nanoparticles are constantly changing structure throughout their lifetime which can have a profound effect on their performance. There is no question that an in-depth understanding of this structure-function relationship provides valuable insight into future catalyst design. Whether you are studying automotive catalysts or industrial catalysts, Protochips uniquely supports this research with the Atmosphere AX in-situ TEM solution. Atmosphere AX is not just an in situ TEM holder, but an entire workflow. From sample preparation to data publication, Atmosphere AX fosters relevant results that complement bulk scale analyses and drive catalyst innovation forward. To support this workflow, Protochips focusses on a thoughtfully designed arsenal of tools that support reproducible sample preparation and fast introduction into the TEM. After preparation, the collection and analysis of data becomes critically important. Machine vision software combined with specialized analysis equipment optimize the time at the microscope. Our free data analysis software, AXON Studio, helps you easily identify trends and results in large datasets, simplifying the publication stage.

Workflow for Atmosphere AX


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