In situ studies enable researchers to replicate a nanomaterial’s synthesis or operating conditions to uncover the fundamental pathways that control its growth, interactions, and stability. In the course of time, this will support the development of new, more efficient and safer nanomaterial technologies.


Poseidon AX: Liquid, electrochemical and liquid heating in situ studies

Image real time nanomaterial synthesis and nanoparticle interactions in liquid.

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Nanomaterial-Synthesis Atmosphere

Atmosphere AX: Gas and vapor high temperature environment

Image nanoparticle reduction, growth, oxidation and even corrosion studies under relevant temperatures, atmosphere and pressure.

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Fusion AX: Study high temperature heating, electrical and electrothermal in vacuum

Heat particles to investigate nanoparticle formation while observing chemical and structural changes in situ.

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Watch dynamic behavior of real samples in situ.