Tuesday publication update! Have you ever wanted to look at quantum conductance effects? In these newest publication by @Gianluca Milano, @Federico Raffone, @Katarzyne Bejtka, @Ivan de Carlo, @Matteo Fretto, @Fabrizio Candido Pirri, @Giancarlo Cicero, @Carlo Ricciardi and @Ilia Valov memresitive nanowires were imaged using the #FusionAX system!

⚡In this recent study, the authors look at relationships between electrochemical processes, ionic dynamics, and the formation of atomic-sized conductive filaments in memristive Ag nanowires (NWs) using in situ biasing measurements for STEM.

By combining advanced classical molecular dynamics (MD) algorithms with quantum transport simulations (DFT), they were able to gain insights into quantum conductance effects at the single nanowire level.

Using both experimental and simulation showed the intrinsic relationship between electronic transport and atomic dynamic reconfiguration of the nanofilament but also elucidates deviations from integer multiples of the fundamental quantum of conductance. These deviations, influenced by peculiar dynamic trajectories of nanofilament reconfiguration and conductance fluctuations due to thermal fluctuations, offer a deeper understanding of the quantum regime in memristive devices.

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2024-03_05 Fusion

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