Tuesday publication update! In this newest research published in #AdvancedMaterials, researchers are looking at all-electric functional nanodevices with rapid reset and multi-state switching capabilities using our #FusionAX system!

Using an in situ biasing technique, and focus-ion beam preparation (FIB) the authors look at spin configuration rearrangement by domain wall number modulation in Fe3GeTe2.

⚡In-situ Lorentz transmission electron microscopy revealed the reduction of domain wall number corresponds to a decrease in resistance, new possibilities for manipulating magnetic states at the nanoscale are observed.

️Additionally, simulations reveal the instant reversal of magnetic states to multi-domain wall configurations under single-pulse currents with higher amplitudes, driven by rapid thermal demagnetization.

These groundbreaking results position 2D ferromagnets as intriguing candidates for the future of neuromorphic spintronics, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation and discovery.

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