Today’s growing economy requires innovative, new solutions that provide both better battery performance and cleaner energy solutions. With Protochips’ machine-vision powered suite of in-situ TEM tools you can utilize the electron microscope as a real-time laboratory to image and measure the underlying mechanisms that control the performance and behavior of energy materials on the nanoscale.    


Batteries Fusion

Fusion AX: Study high temperature heating, electrical and electrothermal in vacuum

Visualize the nanoscale processes that control solid-state battery material performance. Observe ion transfer reactions, growth kinetics, capacity degradation mechanisms and more without compromising resolution

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Batteries Poseidon

Poseidon AX: Liquid, electrochemical and liquid heating in situ studies

Observe charge-discharge reactions in real time, test how different electrolytes suppress dendrite formation and study the nanoscale mechanisms that control capacity fading. These are just some of the in-situ TEM studies made possible with liquid-EM.

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Watch dynamic behavior of real samples in situ.