Understanding the nanoscale processes that control corrosion initiation and propagation in bulk materials is a critical area of research. With Protochips’ machine-vision powered suite of in-situ TEM tools you can utilize the electron microscope as a real-time laboratory to study the underlying mechanisms that control corrosion initiation and propagation.


Poseidon AX: Liquid, electrochemical and liquid heating in situ studies

Obtain a well-rounded understanding of the corrosion behavior of materials in a relevant liquid environment by combining in-situ liquid-EM with elemental maps and electrochemical data.

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Atmosphere AX: Gas and vapor high temperature environment

Observe the early stages of corrosion mechanisms, follow surface and grain boundary migration with elemental mapping, and control the sample environment with relevant temperature, pressure, gas, and humidity conditions.

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Watch dynamic behavior of real samples in situ.