Christmas is unfortunately over! But while you are still sitting at your fireplace enjoying a hot coco, please check out this new publication! In this newest publication in Nature Communications, ano-sized Pt/B/C catalysts (~2.5 nm) were researched using the #FusionAX system!

️The authors used a Pt/B/C framework to synthesized a diverse series (~18 variants) of carbon-supported binary, ternary, quaternary, and quinary Pt intermetallic compound nanocatalysts, all under 4 nm in size.

Even under extreme conditions—annealing at 1000 °C—these nanoparticles resist sintering, thanks to stable intermetallics and robust metal-support interaction. Moreover, they exhibit significantly enhanced activity and stability in electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reactions.

The hydrogenated borophene-derived multielement catalysts synergize small size, high loading, stable anchoring, and versatile compositions. This synergy translates to unparalleled efficiency and durability in catalysis.

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