Additional Friday publication update! In this newest publication, the authors used the electrical capabilities of the #FusionAX system to look at the optoelectronic properties of fully processed red-emitting AlGaInP micro-diode devices

️The quantum wells within the diode exhibited a fascinating behavior—they rested on a potential gradient until reaching the threshold forward bias voltage for light emission. At this critical point, these wells aligned at the same potential, a pivotal condition for efficient light emission.

Simulations mirrored these findings, showcasing the alignment of quantum wells at the same energy level upon reaching the threshold voltage. This alignment harbors electrons and holes primed for radiative recombination, facilitating light emission.

⚡️The application of off-axis electron holography emerges as a game-changing technique, enabling direct measurement of potential distribution in optoelectronic devices. This tool not only unravels device dynamics but also significantly enhances our ability to refine simulations and advance device performance.

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