Data Correlation With Your Research In Mind

Data is most useful if everyone can access, review and publish it easily and effectively. The AXON workflow solution simplifies and enhances the process of data management of any TEM experiment, in situ or ex situ, making your data more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. By indexing TEM data with all of the available metadata from the microscope and connected systems, Protochips makes analysis easy and straightforward for any user. Additionally, the perpetually free lab software, AXON Studio, can be downloaded and employed by any user or partners to open even the largest datasets quickly and easily, making review and collaboration a snap. During post-processing, the AXON Studio software can overlay any of the relevant metadata to your results, and export your data as an image, video, plot, or full csv exports for further analysis in the scripts of your choice.

Maximize In Situ Results

Our machine vision platform enables 4 axis drift control, combined with real time dose management and metadata integration to allow the user to focus on their sample, not on driving the microscope. Full integration of the metadata unlocks that data for comparison and analysis off the microscope and back in the office.


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