4th ELECMI International Workshop Barcelona

  Thank you so much to the Spanish Infrastructure for Electron Microscopy of Materials for giving us the opportunity to speak at the 4th ELECMI International Workshop in beautiful Barcelona! It was an honor and we especially enjoyed all the exciting discussions in between talks!   #nanotechnology #nanoscience #electronmicroscopy #insituTEM #findyourbreakthrough

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    See How AXON Completely Redefines the in situ Experience. We previously introduced AXON to the market and told you to expect it to revolutionize the operation of Transmission Electron Microscopes. By establishing a machine-vision platform that automates and supercharges workflows, AXON is designed to eliminate fundamental obstacles that prohibit users from generating better … Read More


Protochips Launches In Situ AX
Machine Vision Powered Solutions for your TEM Applications, Apr. 13, 2023

WATCH – AXON – The Next Technology Inflection Point
Our new AXON machine vision platform synchronizes your optical column, detectors and holders, Oct. 16, 2020

WATCH – Our Latest Webinar
An Introduction to Safe and Efficient Remote TEM Collaboration Using the AXON Software Platform, Oct. 1, 2020

AXON is Here
Introduced in December, AXON is the first software system designed for in situ microscopy that links the TEM, detectors and in situ systems together creating a powerful, new experience for scientists and engineers. The promotion below allows you to get in the queue now at special pricing., Mar. 3, 2020