We had an awesome time at the joint #Protochips + Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy + Soquelec Ltd. Workshop “Beyond the Basics” surrounding advanced in situ TEM topics. The hybrid set-up enabled hundreds of people to join from around the world each day to learn about the latest research for in situ TEM. Thank you to Sam Stambula at CCEM and Dakota Binkley at Soquelec for helping us to organize this event, and thank you to all of our speakers for sharing your research with the community.

CCEM is an excellent facility to perform your in situ TEM work if you do not have a TEM in your lab. They have a suite of latest Protochips products supported by AXON machine vision software. Check out their facility here: https://ccem.mcmaster.ca/services/instruments/

2024-05-16 CCEM

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