Reminiscing about our incredible experience at the Electron Microscopy Spring School 2024 at Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung , hosted by Johannes Müller and Changming Liu.

Round of applause to Dr. Nynke Krans, Regional Applications and Marketing Manager and Dr. Evan Spadafora, Field Service Engineer for leading two incredibly engaging sessions on in situ TEM with Protochips. At these sessions, students from all over Germany learnt about the Atmosphere AX gas cell in situ TEM system and were given hands-on training on holder assembly.

To conclude the sessions, students witnessed a live demonstration of gold nanoparticles seeding the formation of a Au/Fe alloy at 900 °C and 100 mbar N2 .

Lastly, special thank you to IKZ and talented TEM Operator, Thilo Remmele, for making this possible!

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