New Version of AXON 10.7! Integrating Gamry Data and more…

  The latest evolution of AXON SynchronicityTM and AXON StudioTM has powerful new features that greatly improve your experience on the TEM. A new session Notes tab lets your record any relevant information in Studio and tie it to your data. An Attachments tab lets you insert papers, notes, data files or images where it … Read More


How to Correlate Catalyst Activity to Morphological Changes in the TEM
Written by Nynke Krans, Applications and Marketing Manager, May. 24, 2024

Heterogeneous Catalysis Campaign BLog1

Observing Catalyst Stability in the TEM, A Workflow
Written by Nynke Krans, Applications and Marketing Manager, Apr. 26, 2024

Inspection holder workflow

An Arsenal of Tools for the Preparation of In Situ Electron Microscopy Samples
Written by Nynke Krans, Applications and Marketing Manager, Apr. 15, 2024

New Success Community Image

The New and Improved Success Community
Written by Madeline Dukes, Senior Applications Scientist and Training Specialist, Apr. 10, 2024


Gas Analysis in Atmosphere AX Using an RGA
Written by Tim Eldred, Product Marketing Manager, Mar. 20, 2024

Workflow for Atmosphere AX

Workflows for Gas-Phase Heterogeneous Catalysis Research
Written by Jennifer McConnell, Senior Manager, Marketing and Product Management, Mar. 10, 2024

Flow Management E-chips for Electrochemistry
Written by Jennifer McConnell, Senior Manager, Marketing and Product Management, Jan. 10, 2024

Standard RE

Using a Standard Reference Electrode during In Situ Electron Microscopy
Written by Nynke Krans, Application Specialist, Oct. 15, 2023

A Solution for Measuring and Managing Electron Dose in the TEM

Tuesday publication update! Do you want to know more about our AXON Dose module? Please read the following paper published in Microscopy Today! This paper gives a short overview of what is possible using AXON Dose. Read it here: https://www.doi.org10.1017/S1551929522000840 #AXON #AXONDose #Protochips #Findyourbreakthrough #Insitumicroscopy

Correlating the dispersion of Li@Mn6 superstructure units with the oxygen activation in Li-rich layered cathode

Researchers in the Mingjian Zhang and Feng Pan groups, and Peking University and ShanghaiTech University utilized Protochips #FusionSelect and #AXON to study the dispersion of lithium manganese subunits at high temperature in Li-rich transition metal layered oxides. You can read about their research here: Zhaoxi Chen #energyresearch #batteryresearch #materialscience#electronmicroscopy #microscopy#findyourbreakthrough

Protochips is excited to release AXON Studio v10.5.1

Protochips is excited to release AXON Studio v10.5.1, incorporating several exciting new features, as well as some improvements and bug fixes. Included in the Studio update: “Pack and Share” is a powerful new feature that allows you to share your data quickly and easily with colleagues and collaborators without the issues traditionally associated with moving … Read More

AXON Studio – Available Now!

  AXON Studio™ Available for Download August 5th AXON Synchronicity revolutionized the industry by providing the user with a well-aligned stack of images with all experimental, TEM and camera metadata saved for further analysis. Unfortunately, very few tools exist which allow a user to search, sort and identify the most important sections of the data and … Read More

Join Our Free Webinar!

  Peering Into Viruses and Vaccines Using High-Resolution Imaging   Protochips is proud to host Prof. Deb Kelly and Dr. Mike Casasanta of The Kelly Lab located at the Center for Structural Oncology at Penn State for a webinar surrounding critical COVID-19 research completed with the Protochips Poseidon Select in situ Liquid Cell System for … Read More

Introducing AXON Studio

  For in situ applications, AXON Synchronicity and AXON Studio work hand in hand with our Fusion, Poseidon and Atmosphere products powered by Clarity. Live image streams fully enriched with TEM, camera/detector and in situ metadata are easily organized, viewed, filtered and published. Discover subtle trends in your data that would have previously gone unnoticed … Read More