AXON Studio™ Available for Download August 5th

AXON Synchronicity revolutionized the industry by providing the user with a well-aligned stack of images with all experimental, TEM and camera metadata saved for further analysis. Unfortunately, very few tools exist which allow a user to search, sort and identify the most important sections of the data and to export stacks of images that are relevant to their experiment, discarding the less important information.

AXON Studio™ is a breakthrough platform designed for your personal computer that not only enables searching full datasets quickly and intelligently for critical information, but also provides unique and powerful analysis tools in a very modern and easy to use interface. Isolating a specific video clip tagged in AXON and quickly exporting a high-quality video is fast and intuitive. Combining data on a specific sample taken at different times on different TEMs and then filtering all the data for a specific temperature is a simple task in AXON Studio™. Designed with a modern database structure built on images and metadata, extremely large datasets are quickly and easily scrubbed, filtered, sorted, and published. AXON Studio™ creates a fully interactive way to share any TEM data with students, colleagues and collaborators.

AXON Studio™ can be downloaded for free from the Protochips Success Community. Simply log in or register for an account and download the software to your computer. Sample datasets and basic tutorials will be available.

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