Atmosphere, Poseidon and AXON Publication Alert in Chemistry of Materials

An additional Friday publication update! Lead halide perovskites (LHPs) are the future of optoelectronic devices, thanks to their unique physical properties. Yet, the synthesis of MAPI perovskites via ligand-assisted reprecipitation (LARP) has so far not been researched. In this groundbreaking study, advanced in-situ techniques were done with the #PoseidonAX and the #Atmosphere system to demystify … Read More

Another successfull installation at Catania, CNR IMM

Our service engineers Evan Spadafora and Daniel Frank were in Catania, Italy last week to install our full suite at CNR IMM Catania! The group of Giuseppe Nicotra can now use the #PoseidonAX, #AtmosphereAX and #FusionAX to do some awesome in situ electron microscopy experiments. In the photo below we can see some of the … Read More

Another successfull installation at Kyushu University

Our service engineer, Xiao (Tenet) Liu just completed an AXON installation at the beautiful Kyushu University in Japan, where they have now empowered their Atmosphere system with our latest machine vision technology. Thank you to Yamamoto-san for the lovely hospitality and we are looking forward to all the new research that will be coming out of your lab (at … Read More

New Version of AXON 10.7! Integrating Gamry Data and more…

  The latest evolution of AXON SynchronicityTM and AXON StudioTM has powerful new features that greatly improve your experience on the TEM. A new session Notes tab lets your record any relevant information in Studio and tie it to your data. An Attachments tab lets you insert papers, notes, data files or images where it … Read More


Protochips Launches In Situ AX
Machine Vision Powered Solutions for your TEM Applications, Apr. 13, 2023

WATCH – AXON – The Next Technology Inflection Point
Our new AXON machine vision platform synchronizes your optical column, detectors and holders, Oct. 16, 2020

WATCH – Our Latest Webinar
An Introduction to Safe and Efficient Remote TEM Collaboration Using the AXON Software Platform, Oct. 1, 2020

AXON is Here
Introduced in December, AXON is the first software system designed for in situ microscopy that links the TEM, detectors and in situ systems together creating a powerful, new experience for scientists and engineers. The promotion below allows you to get in the queue now at special pricing., Mar. 3, 2020

Publication Alert: AXON Dose

  Tuesday publication update! Do you want to know more about our AXON Dose module? Please read the following paper published in Microscopy Today! This paper gives a short overview of what is possible using AXON Dose.   Read it here: https://www.doi.org10.1017/S1551929522000840   #AXON #AXONDose #Protochips #Findyourbreakthrough #Insitumicroscopy

Correlating the dispersion of Li@Mn6 superstructure units with the oxygen activation in Li-rich layered cathode

  Researchers in the Mingjian Zhang and Feng Pan groups, and Peking University and ShanghaiTech University utilized Protochips #FusionSelect and #AXON to study the dispersion of lithium manganese subunits at high temperature in Li-rich transition metal layered oxides. You can read about their research here: Zhaoxi Chen #energyresearch #batteryresearch #materialscience#electronmicroscopy #microscopy#findyourbreakthrough

Protochips is excited to release AXON Studio v10.5.1

Protochips is excited to release AXON Studio v10.5.1, incorporating several exciting new features, as well as some improvements and bug fixes. Included in the Studio update: “Pack and Share” is a powerful new feature that allows you to share your data quickly and easily with colleagues and collaborators without the issues traditionally associated with moving … Read More