Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy in a Transmission Electron Microscope

Friday publication update! This recent publication from the group of @Kerstin Volz, written by @Maximilian Widemann, @David Krug, @Oliver Massmeyer, @Felix Gruber and @Andreas Beyer published in Small Methods, uses the #AtmosphereAX system to grow and observe GaP nanowires in real time! Using tertiary butyl phosphine (TBP) and trimethyl gallium (TMGa), the authors were able … Read More

New Flash Talk Alert! Watch Maria de Marco of LCPMC.

We have another new Flash Talk for your viewing pleasure! Come join Maria de Marco of LCMPC and IPCMS as she tells you how she used the #AtmosphereAX system to look at the stability of high-entropy-alloy nanocrystal based macro- and mesoporous materials! Watch his Flash Talk here: Do you use Protochips products and want … Read More

Carbon nanofiber growth rates on NiCu catalysts: quantitative coupling of macroscopic and nanoscale in situ studies

Tuesday publication update! In this newest research written by @TomWelling, the #AtmosphereAX system was used to track carbon nanofiber growth from NiCu-catalyzed methane decomposition under true working conditions. By directly comparing real-time overall carbon growth rates in a reactor (measured gravimetrically) with nanometer-scale carbon growth observations (by electron microscopy), the ex-situ and in-situ results can … Read More

Shedding light on the birth of hybrid perovskites: a correlative study by in situ electron microscopy and synchrotron-based x-ray scattering

An additional Friday publication update! Lead halide perovskites (LHPs) are the future of optoelectronic devices, thanks to their unique physical properties. Yet, the synthesis of MAPI perovskites via ligand-assisted reprecipitation (LARP) has so far not been researched. In this groundbreaking study, advanced in-situ techniques were done with the #PoseidonAX and the #Atmosphere system to demystify … Read More

Direct observation of Ni nanoparticle growth in carbon-supported nickel under carbon dioxide hydrogenation atmosphere

Tuesday publication update! In this latest research by the group of @Petra de Jongh, and written by @Nienke Visser, the #Atmosphere system was used to investigate supported metal catalysts, aiming to unlock the secrets of nanoparticle growth and enhance their longevity. ️ Using in situ gas-phase transmission electron microscopy, the group achieved real-time visualization of … Read More

In situ atomic-scale observation of oxygen-driven core-shell formation in Pt3Co nanoparticles

Tuesday publication update! Oxygen reduction reactions are of particular interest in research to fuel cell cathodes. In this paper, the catalytic performance of platinum alloy nanoparticles is investigated using the #AtmosphereAX system at atomic resultion in an electron microscope. Initial segregation of a thin platinum, rather than cobalt oxide, surface layer is observed while the … Read More

Visualizing the flexibility of RHO nanozeolite: experiment and modeling

Tuesday publication update! In this exciting new publication from the Universitée de Rouen Normandie the authors are looking at zeolite particle reformation under atmosphere. Addition of CO2 and various temperatures changes the response of the nanocrystals. Moreover, EDS analysis was performed to observe how the CO2 interactions with the crystals. The combination of experimental work … Read More

Another Successfull Atmosphere Installation at Kyushu University

Our service engineer, Xiao (Tenet) Liu just completed an AXON installation at the beautiful Kyushu University in Japan, where they have now empowered their Atmosphere system with our latest machine vision technology. Thank you to Yamamoto-san for the lovely hospitality and we are looking forward to all the new research that will be coming out of your lab (at … Read More

Formation mechanism of high-index faceted Pt-Bi alloy nanoparticles by evaporation induced growth from metal salts

Tuesday publication update! Are you interested in doing catalysis in which you can actually see your reaction happening on the nanoscale? Researchers at the Northwestern University have recently published in Nature Communications using the Atmosphere AX system, including our machine vision software AXON. They looked at the coalescence and growth of these high-index-facet Pt-Bi nanoparticles … Read More

In Situ STEM Study on the Morphological Evolution of Copper-Based Nanoparticles During High-Tempearture Redox Reactions

  Tuesday publication update! In this publication, the group of @Ovidiu Ersen has worked hard in observing copper-based nanoparticles for catalysis using the #Atmosphere gas cell holder. Even though copper nanoparticles are used broadly in industrial applications, the fundamental understanding of oxidation and reduction of these nanoparticles is still a matter of debate. The goal … Read More