Tuesday publication update! This latest research introduces a new methodology for synthesizing MoVSbOx catalysts for the ethane oxidative dehydrogenation (E-ODH) reaction using our #AtmosphereAX system. In this newest research it becomes clear that nanoscale and bulkscale can be used together to create better catalyst materials!

With this new approach, M1 nanorods with unique facets were synthesized, with a large increase in the number of active sites. Through thermal activation it was shown that the combustion of amino-organic compounds generates defects along lateral facets, enhancing accessibility to additional active sites.

By doing in-situ electron microscopy analysis, the (trans)formation mechanism of multiple crystalline phases could be actively observed, shedding light on their role in catalytic activity. Plus, high-resolution HAADF-STEM revealed the location of active sites, providing invaluable insights into catalyst performance.

Mo, V, and Sb elements together showed an increase in RedOx activity and selectivity during ethane conversion. Lastly, the catalysts in this research demonstrated high stability, maintaining impressive activity and selectivity over extended periods—a testament to their robustness and reliability.

⏰ In a continuous 480-hour experiment, conducted in a bench-scale reactor, our scaled-up quadrilobe-shaped catalyst showcased exceptional stability and performance under real-world conditions.

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