Tuesday publication update! In this newest publication in ACS Advanced Nano Materials, researchers from the #KULeuven have used the #AtmosphereAX system to look at passive adsorption materials for NOx removal. Authors @Sreeprasanth Pulinthanathu Sree, @Claudio Bellani, @Rainer Straubinger and @Jin Won Seo have investigated the dynamic behavior of palladium species impregnated onto zeolite under hydrothermal oxidation conditions, and using vapor!

Using #Protochips’ in situ gas phase TEM the formation and dispersion of Pd nanoparticles could be observed supported on a RHO zeolite. By heating the zeolite powder impregnated with a Pd complex up to 750°C within the TEM under an O2 atmosphere, water vapor, and argon, the dynamic evolution of Pd particles was shown.

️ At lower temperatures, volatile masses began to form and gradually coalesced as the temperature increased. At the peak temperature of 750°C, a dispersal process occurred, releasing highly mobile smaller particles. This behavior underscores the intricate dynamics of Pd species under these conditions.

⚙️ The in situ TEM studies captured the dynamic changes of Pd nanoparticles, revealing mechanisms such as rapid thermally induced reduction and Ostwald ripening. These insights are crucial for optimizing and preparing supported noble-metal materials and catalysts.

Studies like these enhance the understanding of nanoparticle formation on supports for catalysis and underscore the potential of in situ TEM as a powerful method for investigating and improving the synthesis of various catalytic nanomaterials.

Read the entire paper here:

2024-06_01 video

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