Protochips is excited to launch In Situ AXTM, a family of machine-vision powered solutions that addresses the end-to-end challenges of in situ TEM, from sample prep all the way to publication.



Composed of Atmosphere AXTM, Poseidon AXTM and Fusion AXTM, powered by a more powerful version of AXON software, these innovative solutions focus on scaling bulk to nano with relevance for the researcher, while accelerating productivity and fostering discovery and collaboration across the scientific community. Application-specific packages are designed to provide all the necessary components to increase the ease of use and maximize the odds of success in key areas like Energy Storage and Catalysis.



The latest evolution of AXON SynchronicityTM and AXON StudioTM support this approach with powerful new features that greatly improve your experience on the TEM. A new session Notes tab lets your record any relevant information in Studio and tie it to your data. An Attachments tab lets you insert papers, notes, data files or images where it will be the most useful to all users who share the data. Also added is the ability to graph any two pieces of metadata against one another for instant visualizations that help us illuminate and understand correlations.


AXON Synchronicity now integrates all potentiostat data from your Poseidon™ Electrochemistry Package to enable instant analysis and illustration. View your electrochemical data in real time with your imaging, connecting critical information like CV curves synchronously published with the associated high-resolution images, allowing a new level of understanding of your experiment without any of the manual labor involved in trying to align metadata.



Also included in the launch is the new Standard Reference Electrode, which provides a true external reference potential, for results far more comparable to standard bulk chemistry measurements. This new design is incredibly easy to set up and offers flexible electrode material selection and long-term stable potentials.

Learn more about In Situ AX and how it will power your research in the TEM.

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