Introduced in December, AXON is the first software system designed for in situ microscopy that links the TEM, detectors and in situ systems together creating a powerful, new experience for scientists and engineers.



Heating, cooling, gas/liquid cell, and other in-situ TEM holders create unmanageable amounts of system instability, preventing high-resolution data collection as they uncontrollably change and move. AXON automatically tames the different components of your system, effectively locking them together with the sample, so you can turn your attention to your experiment, instead of being distracted by the need to constantly chase your misbehaving sample around at low magnifications.

Super charge the performance of your TEM at a massive savings during the “Production Release Party” promotion from Protochips.

The first completed versions of Synchronicity software modules is shipping shortly and we feel like celebrating. 

Purchase an AXON system within the month of March 2020 and get a free term license upgrade – a savings of more than 40%, depending on the package you choose.

Contact us now to take advantage of this offer and add your name to the list of AXON users redefining the limits of TEM experimentation.



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