An additional Friday publication update! Are you interested in doing hydrogen evolution reactions using in situ liquid cell electron microscopy? In this newest publication in Nature Communications the authors looked at the surface amorphization in alkaline media!

In this latest work the authors infused a trace of Ru (0.81 wt.%) into NiPS3 nanosheets, and witnessed the amorphization process unfold on the edges of NiPS3 – a pivotal moment in unleashing unprecedented catalytic activity using the #PoseidonAx system.

It was found that Ru was strategically positioned at the edges of NiPS3, within an in situ-formed amorphous layer containing bridging S22− species. This unique configuration dramatically reduces the reaction energy barrier.

This work underscores the indispensable role of in situ-formed active layers and their potential to turbocharge the catalytic prowess of electrocatalysts.

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