An additional Friday publication update! Lead halide perovskites (LHPs) are the future of optoelectronic devices, thanks to their unique physical properties. Yet, the synthesis of MAPI perovskites via ligand-assisted reprecipitation (LARP) has so far not been researched.

In this groundbreaking study, advanced in-situ techniques were done with the #PoseidonAX and the #Atmosphere system to demystify the pathway leading to MAPI perovskites from precursor solutions.

️ Local insights from liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were used, combined with with global information obtained from synchrotron-based X-ray scattering measurements.

Next to LP-TEM, gas phase TEM was also performed to observe the transition from the solvated intermediate phase to the final MAPI perovskite during thermal treatment at 80°C. This uncovered direct evidence of crystal fragmentation alongside the structural transformation.

This approach highlights the tremendous value of in-situ correlative studies, providing profound insights into the synthesis and properties of emerging materials, including LHPs.

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