Tuesday publication update! In this most recent publication in #NatureCommunications the authors were looking at the synthesis of core@shell catalysts using the Tammann temperature using the #AtmosphereAX system.

️This new approach in catalyst design enabling the authors to use the strong metal-support interactions in a generalized manner. Through real-time monitoring via in situ microscopy and spectroscopy, they unveiled the remarkable encapsulation mechanism of Co@BaAl2O4 core@shell catalysts. The authors showed that Co@BaAl2O4 had unparalleled activity and long-term stability in high-temperature chemical reactions.

This specific approach is special due to its applicability and scalability. The synthesis method can be used for different single metal or catalyst systems and is a widely applicable approach with transformative implications across energy, catalysis, and environmental fields.

️ The video shows the last step in the investigated temperatures at 800 °C where the Co@BaAl2O4 was formed and thus the encapsulation of the small nanoparticles.

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