Tuesday publication update! This latest research, published in #NatureCommunications is looking at the transformation of one-dimensional (1D) materials in liquid using our #PoseidonAx system! Developping a versatile, and controlled synthetic method for these materials has long been a challenge, and can now be observed in real time and at the nanoscale.

The structural evolution of these 1D materials was followed using the #PoseidonAX system to study the read time growth of island formation. Combining the in situ microscopy experimentats and continuum phase-field simulations, a three-stage evolution process of regular segment alternations was observed.

This synthesis strategy, complemented by straightforward chemical post-transformations, has lead to a wide array of 1D structures to be synthesed. These include 17 nanowire-nanowire and 8 nanowire-nanotube nanostructures, incorporating 13 different elements (g, Te, Cu, Pt, Pb, Cd, Sb, Se, Bi, Rh, Ir, Ru, Zn)!

The synthesis-driven approach not only opens new avenues for investigating the reconstruction of ordering but also holds immense promise for unlocking the full potential of 1D-SHs in various applications.

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