Metastable Hexagonal Close-Packed Palladium Hydride in Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy

New Tuesday publication! In this publication featured in Nature, our #PoseidonSelect was used to look at crystals grown from high-energy precursors. Most of the time, these adopt metastable structures depending on the initial conditions, such as temperature, pressure or crystal size. With the unique environment created in the liquid cell, the formation of a hcp … Read More

Preparation of High-Quality Sample for MEMS-Based In-Situ (S)TEM Experiments

Tuesday publication update! Congratulations to @Vesna from the university of Stuttgart on publishing this nice work showing a new methodology for the preparation of focussed ion beam (FIB) lamella for in-situ microscopy. Additionally, they investigated what the influence of the beam was on the electrical and electro-thermal measurements. Furthermore, thinning of the whole lamella or … Read More

Grain Boundary Segregation Induced Precipitation in a Non Equiatomic Nanocrystalline CoCuFeMnNi Compotitionally Complex Alloy

Another Friday publication update! In this study the goal was to establish a systematic understanding of the phase evolution in a face centered cubic non equiatomic nanocrystalline compositionally complex alloys. The #FusionSelect was used to heat the sample, while forming automated crystal orientation maps at the same time. This gave detailed information on the decomposition … Read More

Thermoresponsive polymer assemblies via variable temperature liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy and small angle X-ray scattering

Tuesday publication update! Do you want to do heating and polymerization at the same time? In this publication the authors from the #NorthwesternUniversity used the #PoseidonSelect with its heating capabilities to polymerize different block copolymers at the nanoscale! Heating and cooling was applied to show the reversible process of polymerization. Interested? Read the paper! … Read More

Quantitative In Situ Visualization of Thermal Effects on the Formation of Gold Nanocrystals in Solution

An additional Friday publication update! Researchers from Paris have recently published a beautiful #PoseidonSelect heating experiment on the growth of gold nanoparticles. The nanoparticles were grown at room temperatur and elevated temperatures, showing temperature dependent nanoparticle growth. Visualizing these thermal effects at the single nanoparticle level reveals how the competition between the growth speed and … Read More

Liquid Processing of Bismuth-Silica Nanoparticle/Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites for Heat Storage Applications

Tuesday publication update! Phase change materials (PCMs) are promising candidates for thermal regulation of devices at high temperature. These authors have used the #Atmosphere System to develop a liquid-phase processing technique and design aluminum matrix nanocomposites made of phase change nanoparticles, using bismuth nanoparticles as a proof-of-concept. This process opens the way to a wide … Read More

Revealing Size Dependent Structural Transitions in Supported Gold Nanoparticles in Hydrogen at Atmospheric Pressure

Tuesday publication update! Have you ever wondered how the surface of gold particles behaves under atmospheric pressure with different gasses? Researchers from Paris recently published an article on atomic resolution size-dependent gold nanoparticles using the #Atmosphere System. By combining atomic scale in situ observations and modeling, this work provides a fundamental understanding of the size-dependent … Read More

Atomically Sharp, Closed Bilayer Phosphorene Edges by Self-Passivation

New publication update on a Friday to start your weekend ! In this new publication, published in #ACSNano the formation of two-dimensional crystals’ edge structures was investigated. These edges must be carefully examined because they often display complex, unexpected features at the atomic scale, such as reconstruction, functionalization, and uncontrolled contamination. Using the #FusionSelect, the … Read More

In situ TEM investigation of indium oxide/titanium oxide nanowire heterostructures growth through solid state reactions

Are you interested in photonic devices? Please take a look at this new research using the #FusionSelect! In this publication TiO2/In2O3 nanowires were investigated for their microstructural evolution during annealing experiments. Elemental analysis (EDS) was used to analyze the reaction mechanisms at different temperatures. Do you want to know more? Follow the link: #FindyourBreakThrough … Read More