Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy in a Transmission Electron Microscope

Friday publication update! This recent publication from the group of @Kerstin Volz, written by @Maximilian Widemann, @David Krug, @Oliver Massmeyer, @Felix Gruber and @Andreas Beyer published in Small Methods, uses the #AtmosphereAX system to grow and observe GaP nanowires in real time! Using tertiary butyl phosphine (TBP) and trimethyl gallium (TMGa), the authors were able … Read More

In situ TEM studies of relaxation dynamics and crystal nucleation in thin film nanoglasses

Tuesday publication update! In this recent publication, the #FusionAX system was used to directly observe crystallization processes at glass-glass interfaces in sputtered CuZr thin film nanoglasses. The authors utilizing in situ heating experiments combined with other interesting techniques such as nanobeam diffraction patterns (NBDP) and electron correlation microscopy (ECM). This powerful combination allowed them to … Read More

Asymmetric nanoparticle oxidation observed in-situ by the evolution of diffraction contrast

Tuesday publication update! Are you interested in structural compositional changes during dynamic behaviors? The following article has researched just this! In this latest work in-situ TEM experiments using the #FusionAX system have uncovered the oxidation from wüstite-magnetite (FeO@Fe3O4) core-shell nanoparticles to single crystalline magnetite, Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Using the ‘Ashby-Brown contrast,’ the structural changes of these … Read More

Goethite mineral dissolution to probe the chemistry of radiolytic water in liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy

In this recent publication, the authors have used liquid phase electron microscopy to observe the dynamic behavior of geothite during dissolution under the irradiation of the electron beam. Kinetic simulations of the different radiolysis species provides insight into the redox and acidity of the liquid during the exposure to the beam. These interactions are very … Read More

Unraveling anisotropic and pulsating etching of ZnO nanorods in hydrochloric acid via correlative electron microscopy

An additional Friday publication update! Controlled etching behavior is extremely important to be able to create crystal solids with defined structures and functions. In this newest publication, in situ liquid cell transmission electron microscopy was used to oberserve the dynamic behavior during the pencil shape evolution of a single crystal ZnO nanorod in aqueous hydrochloric … Read More

Atomistic Insights into the Nucleation and Growth of Platinum on Palladium Nanocrystals

Additional Friday publication update! In this Nature Communications publication, in situ liquid-cell transmission electron microscopy, using the #PoseidonAX, was used to find the atomistic details during the nucleation and growth of Pd@Pt nanocubes. Various parameters were investigated, such as colloidal capping agents and the precursor concentration. Obtaining atomistic real-time information on the growth of colloids … Read More

Electric Field-Induced Water Condensation Visualized by Vapor Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy

Tuesday publication update! Have you ever thought about using a liquid cell for a vapor phase microscopy experiment? This new publication has! @Taylor Woehl at the University of Maryland has investigated the nucleation, growth, and evaporation of nanoscale sessile drops using vapor phase TEM (VPTEM) with the #PoseidonSelect. Nanoscale water condensation dynamics in strong electric … Read More

Metastable Hexagonal Close-Packed Palladium Hydride in Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy

New Tuesday publication! In this publication featured in Nature, our #PoseidonSelect was used to look at crystals grown from high-energy precursors. Most of the time, these adopt metastable structures depending on the initial conditions, such as temperature, pressure or crystal size. With the unique environment created in the liquid cell, the formation of a hcp … Read More