Have you ever wanted to look at atomic resolution images of phase transformations in the TEM? This paper shows in situ atomic-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy using our #FusionAX system, in a Pt−Sn system. Heating the sample up showed showing the initial stages of the PtSn4 to PtSn2 phase transitions. In the video you can see that the sample is heated and cooled from 500 °C and back again. At these temperatures, the higher-symmetry PtSn2 with a cubic structure transforms into lower-symmetry Pt2Sn3 with a layered structure. These are initial results in the facinating world of solid-state restructuring experiments that can be done with #Protochips holders.

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#Insitumicroscopy #solid-stateresearch

2023-09_04 publication

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