Friday publication update! This recent publication from the group of @Kerstin Volz, written by @Maximilian Widemann, @David Krug, @Oliver Massmeyer, @Felix Gruber and @Andreas Beyer published in Small Methods, uses the #AtmosphereAX system to grow and observe GaP nanowires in real time!

Using tertiary butyl phosphine (TBP) and trimethyl gallium (TMGa), the authors were able to observe GaP growth within a dynamic environment. The thermal decomposition of TBP and TMGa, was replicated, mirroring traditional reactor setups with uncanny precision.

It was shown that the decomposition temperatures were aligned with susceptor temperatures in MOVPE machinery, validating the reliability of this research method. This is a new step in the crystal growth observation under MOVPE conditions within the confines of a TEM.

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