Tuesday publication post! Do you want to know more about metallic thin films and growth dynamics? In this latest article, @Katayun Barmak, @Matthew Patrick and @Jeffrey Rickman review the development of grain growth dynamics in nanocrystalline metallic films using the #FusionAX system including #AXON!

Grain growth is a phenomenon pivotal in material science and has long eluded comprehensive characterization due to its complex nature. On top of that, most models still fail to fully capture the behavior of true grain growth phenomena at the nanometer scale.

This review underscores crucial observations, from the universal grain size distribution to the intriguing correlations between grain boundary character distributions in thin film and bulk materials.

With automated grain boundary segmentation, low thermal mass microelectromechanical systems, and integrated hardware-software solutions for drift correction and data management (done by AXON), barriers to large-scale and in situ data acquisition were overcome. With these discoveries, next generation grain growth studies on thin films will become more accessible.

Want to read the review? Find it here!

2024-04_01 Fusion

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