The universities are officially starting again and it is time to get back on the microscope! If you want to know how to use our machine-vision software with dose module, you can read this paper that was recently published. In this video article you can find a step-wise approach on how to use AXON with dose for standard zeolite and gold samples.

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Isolating the behavior of your sample from the effects of the electron beam is critical in Electron Microscopy. The high intensity electron beam can cause multiple forms of interaction with your sample. This can include multiple types of damage, for instance; contamination of the samples with hydrocarbons, bubble formation, sputtering, and radiolysis. However, constructive interactions have been used in microscopy techniques on many different samples. Using AXON Dose, you can easily and accurately measure, manage and analyze the true impact of the electron beam on your sample, in ways you never thought possible, making your experiments more consistent and repeatable, and maximizing your understanding.

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2023-08_06 publication

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