Protochips announces the global availability of the AXON HFRTM High Frame Rate module for studying the high-speed dynamics of materials using Gatan IS cameras


Protochips, a leading provider of Transmission Electron Microscopy in situ workflow solutions, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the AXON High Frame Rate (HFR) module for the AXON Synchronicity™ platform.  Through Gatan’s advanced camera technology, materials scientists have become accustomed to the power of capturing high resolution TEM images at video frame rates and sometimes exceeding 1000 frames per second.  With the AXON HFR module, scientists can now quickly index, open and review terabytes of data that contain hundreds of thousands of images and metadata in a single time sequence. 


“The release of AXON HFR illustrates the value that two companies can create when working together.  For more than 10 years, Gatan has been the gold standard for in situ cameras, and the combination with AXON via the new HFR module enables a powerful new workflow to capture and study high-speed in situ dynamics of materials”, said Cory Czarnik, Sr. Program Manager, Direct Detection and In-Situ, Gatan.


“Designed to work quickly and efficiently with large datasets, scientists now have a revolutionary capability to study applications including ceramics, catalysis and electronic materials”, said David Nackashi, Co-founder and CEO, Protochips, Inc.  “Identifying the exact moments of interest within these images and metadata is a ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ problem.  AXON HFR makes this exercise quick and easy for the materials scientist and allows important data to be tagged or published for future reference.”  


This capability, combined with Protochips’ Fusion AXTM, Poseidon AXTM and Atmosphere AXTM systems, provides a powerful solution for in situ materials workflows.  Download a free copy of AXON Studio™ from the Microsoft Store and explore a sample HFR dataset available at


About Protochips:  Protochips empowers scientists, engineers, and researchers to discover and analyze new phenomenon by visualizing biological, chemical, and physical processes in completely new ways. Our field-proven products offer an unparalleled view into sample behavior by combining in situ experiment control with the analysis and resolution capabilities of the modern electron microscope. Through continual innovation, we create solutions that improve productivity and generate actionable data to accelerate discovery.




Jennifer McConnell

Senior Manager, Marketing and Product Management

Protochips, Inc

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