Anyone can become an in situ expert using the workflow-driven Clarity software, which takes just under 1 hour to learn.


The same Clarity software powers all heating and biasing Protochips holders including Fusion, Atmosphere and Poseidon Select to minimize the operator's learning curve.


Customize the user interface and program experiment conditions to expand the capability of your in situ research

Clarity Echo

Data, Synchronized

Whether you’re running in situ heating, electrical, gas or liquid experiments with GMS® 1, 2, or 3, Clarity Echo instantly expands your imaging capability with a single, easy installation. Clarity Echo synchronizes your microscope or camera software to import and tag images with in situ data like elapsed time, sample temperature, applied voltage and much more, allowing you to reduce post-processing time by 10x.

A universal suite

The Clarity software suite powers all of our in situ products. So whether you’re testing electrical devices, studying catalyst reactions, or performing liquid analysis in your TEM, Clarity can do it all. Click below to learn more about our groundbreaking products and why researchers around the world prefer Protochips in situ products.


Utilizing a workflow-driven interface, Clarity software runs and controls all temperature and pressure conditions for Atmosphere experiments.

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Poseidon Select

Heat liquids up to 100ºC with the Poseidon Select heating package that includes complementary Clarity software.

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Whether you're running experiments in the SEM or TEM, Clarity software runs and controls all temperature and electrical conditions for Fusion experiments.

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