Poseidon AX Components

The Poseidon AX in situ liquid system is designed to give you the freedom to experiment with different liquids, biasing, heating and use it with a large variety of nanoscale samples. Every Protochips in situ system is driven by the AXON machine-vision software, using a wide variety of MEMS-based E-chips and accessories to best fit your research needs. All of these components are fully approved by the major microscope manufacturers to meet their rigorous standards for safety, compatibility, and reliability.

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Poseidon AX System

→ Tools like the shadow mask, FIB stub, and inspection holder for quick, reproducible sample prep from user to user

Machine-Vision Software: AXON
→ Automated drift and focus correction
→ Real-time electron dose monitoring even as samples move in and out of field of view
→ Full indexing of TEM, camera, and in situ metadata for filtering and plotting of parameters
→ Free offline analysis software for streamlined all-in-one data visualization

Liquid Cell TEM Holder
→ Self-aligning assembly
→ Static, flow, and mixing capabilities
→ Design optimized for EDS in a liquid-filled cell
→ Pressure relief wells for TEM safety
→ Replaceable tubing without holder disassembly
→ Superior chemical compatibility for harsh battery and polymer solvents

Quantitative electrothermal measurements
→ Glassy carbon working electrode option
→ Standard reference electrode for comparison to bulk-scale measurements
→ E-chips available for FIB lamella from bulk samples
→ Automated integration, indexing, and alignment of all electrochemical data with images

Uniform Liquid Heating
→ Patented full-cell heating design ensures temperature uniformity even during flow

Analysis Software: AXON Studio
→ Free offline analysis software for streamlined all-in-one data visualization

tem sample support for liquid environment
Transmission Electron Microscopy sample support for liquid environment
Transmission Electron Microscopy sample support for liquid environment

Sample Supports: E-chips

The Poseidon AX system uses custom-made microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) as sample supports to create the in situ conditions within the TEM. All E-chips are designed, fabricated, and quality checked in-house, which gives Protochips an immense amount of control and oversight to ensure quality, proper functionality, and keep cost minimized.

Protochips has an extensive catalogue of Poseidon AX E-chips to ensure you can find the configuration that best fits your sample and maximizes imaging resolution, with almost 400 combinations of E-chips possible. Maximizing imaging resolution in liquid can be a challenge, which is why there is such a large assortment of spacer heights and window widths to help minimize liquid layer thickness and control the bulging caused by the pressure difference between the liquid cell holder and the vacuum of the TEM.

When it comes to nanoscale electrochemistry, Poseidon AX E-chips are offered in 5 different commercially available configurations, with working electrode materials like platinum and glassy carbon, as well as the option to use a standard reference electrode such as silver/silver chloride. The goal is to provide an environment that best replicates that of bulk-scale measurements to ensure the nanoscale measurements made with Poseidon AX can accurately complement bulk scale measurements for a complete story.

For temperature-dependent experiments, the patented embedded heater provides enough power to heat the entire cell of liquid, even while flowing, to ensure a constant, uniform temperature throughout the viewing area for accurate temperature-dynamic associations.

Poseidon AX E-chips are offered in configurations that enable STEM imaging and EDS analysis even in a liquid-filled cell, where the sample is placed so the STEM probe hits the sample first, mitigating broadening, and maximizing line of site to the EDS detectors.

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tem-image AXON

Machine-Vision Software: AXON

For in situ applications, AXON Synchronicity and AXON Studio work hand in hand with our Poseidon AX system.AXON Synchronicity machine vision software allows you to focus on on the sample and not the TEM controls, using integrated heating and electrochemistry metadata. Live image streams fully enriched with TEM, camera/detector and in situ metadata are easily organized, viewed, filtered and published. Discover subtle trends in your data that would have previously gone unnoticed and find your breakthrough.

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