Poseidon Select encapsulates liquids dependably within the microscope, enabling visualization of numerous nanoscale processes and environments. Featuring self-aligning parts and numerous E-chip configurations, Poseidon Select expands the capability of your microscope with unmatched experiment simplicity.


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exploded view of liquid cell holder


Easily assembled in less than 15 minutes, Poseidon Select features self-aligning parts that guarantee perfect chip alignment every time. A single o-ring gasket forms a hermetic seal that safely confines the liquid between two E-chip membranes without impeding direct line-of-sight to EDS detectors, maximizing counts and enabling elemental analysis of any sample.

nanorod materials moving in liquid


Suitable for studying materials ranging from batteries and emulsions to whole cells and nanoparticles, Poseidon Select enables imaging of a wide range of dynamic processes in liquid. Offering imbedded electrodes and heaters within select E-chips, Poseidon delivers low-noise electrochemistry capabilities and liquid heating up to 100°C, opening new doors for in situ experiment opportunities.

Schematic of electron microscope used for in situ TEM


Rigorously tested and approved by the major microscope manufacturers, Poseidon Select delivers static and flowing liquid control to the TEM microscope. Featured in hundreds of publications, researchers and scientists around the world depend on the simplicity, versatility, and performance of Poseidon Select to accelerate their research.

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System Components

Every Protochips in situ holder is driven by Clarity workflow-driven software, using a wide variety of MEMS-based E-chips and accessories to best fit your research needs. All of these components are fully approved by the major microscope manufacturers to meet their rigorous standards for safety, compatibility, and reliability.

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