In Situ TEM Holders

The Protochips in situ systems are designed to accelerate your research by enabling dynamic, real-time visualization of nanoscale phenomena. Explore our suite of TEM holders.


The Atmosphere system introduces realistic, environmental temperatures and pressures inside the TEM, enabling you to image materials and processes in real-time.

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Poseidon Select

Poseidon Select seals a liquid environment between two electron-transparent membranes allowing you to observe real-time behavior within native liquid samples.

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Fusion Select

Fusion Select precisely controls thermal and electrical processes within the electron microscope, allowing you to explore sample behavior during heating and cooling.

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In Situ Sample Supports

Whether you need to maximize image quality while observing a static sample or you need to accurately control and measure a sample for in situ experiments, Protochips offers best-in-class sample supports fabricated and tested by our expert microfabrication team.


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Clarity Software

Clarity in situ software supports all Protochips systems, allowing for accurate control and data capture. Designed for easy use, Clarity is the highly compatible, streamlined, and versatile power behind your Protochips TEM holders.

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