A magnetically powered nanomachine with a DNA clutch

Tuesday Publication Post! In this newest publication in #NatureNanotechnology the authors are looking at magnetically powered nanomachines with a DNA clutch using the #PoseidonAX in situ liquid phase system! These systems exhibit intricate mechanisms, including a clutch system that allows temporary disengagement of moving parts from the engine—a feat that remains challenging to replicate in … Read More

High-Resolution Imaging of Human Viruses in Liquid Droplets

Tuesday publication update! In this recent publication by #PennsylvaniaStateUniversity human viruses were observed using the #PoseidonSelect system. Microwelled E-chips were used with different liquid thicknesses to observe the configuration of the adeno-associated virus (AAV). The improvement of the understanding of these biological entities can have a bread societal impact for human health and diseases, in … Read More

Thermoresponsive polymer assemblies via variable temperature liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy and small angle X-ray scattering

Tuesday publication update! Do you want to do heating and polymerization at the same time? In this publication the authors from the #NorthwesternUniversity used the #PoseidonSelect with its heating capabilities to polymerize different block copolymers at the nanoscale! Heating and cooling was applied to show the reversible process of polymerization. Interested? Read the paper! https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-021-26773-z … Read More

Visualizing Dynamic Environmental Processes in Liquid at Nanoscale via Liquid-Phase Electron Microscopy

Additional Friday publication update! Are you thinking on doing liquid cell electron microscopy, but you are also wondering about environmental processes? Please read this interesting review published in ACS Nano. In this review, dynamic processes using #liquidcell electron microscopy are being shown including nanotoxicological processes, pollution control, contamination transformation and radical corrosion in the environment. … Read More

Flash Talk Episode 9 by Dr. Joanna Korpanty on Polymeric Nanomaterials in Liquid Phase TEM!

Flash Talk Episode 9 has just been posted on YouTube! Watch it now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CN2m9OyxN0 In Flash Talk episode 9 Joanna Korpanty, from Northwestern University, Department of Chemistry, will tell you something about her recent publication on solvated polymeric nanomaterials in liquid cell electron microscopy. A worm-to-micelle transformation was triggered via organic solvent mixing during the … Read More

Direct Observation of Emulsion Morphology, Dynamics, and Demulsification

Are you interested in observing emulsion reactions in liquid? Then please read the following new paper published by the group at #NorthwesternUniversity! Flow and mixing was used to obtain some beautiful emulsions and then these were images using electron microscopy. With the methods they used, they were able to shed light and create further insight … Read More