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Protochips’ robust, easy-to-use in situ microscopy solutions enable accurate quantitative measurement of samples under natural conditions. They provide new perspectives on a wide range of research applications, including catalysis, batteries, semiconductors and structural biology.

Sample Holders


Heating & Electrical

Conduct nanoscale heating, electrical or electrothermal analysis with unmatched temperature accuracy, uniformity and low drift.

Poseidon Select

Liquid Heating & Electrochemistry

Get the most flexible, functional liquid cell on the market, and the only liquid holder that is truely EDS compatible.


Gas Environment Cell

Create real-world reaction environments inside your TEM, and reach atomic resolution under high pressure and at high temperature.

Sample Supports


C-flat is the premier holey carbon film for cryo-transmission electron microscopy and is manufactured without plastics, resulting in higher quality data.

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E-chips are an essential part of your Protochips holder. They support both the sample and control of the environment around the sample.

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Generate accurate, actionable data from innovative in situ experiments.

In the past, the tools used to observe nanoscale materials were separated from the tools used to conduct experiments with them. Protochips brings observation and experimentation together. Our proprietary technology and advanced software transforms electron microscopes from cameras into complete nanoscale laboratories capable of delivering quantifiable results. Our systems support core labs, academic and industrial researchers in their efforts to understand, develop and commercialize revolutionary materials.

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