Timeline Integration

High Frame Rate data fully integrated into the AXON studio timeline.

Metadata Enrichment

Add all experimental metadata, including Dose, to your high speed images.

Gatan Compatible

Couple the power of Gatan's in situ solution with the versatility of AXON Studio's data review, analysis and publication.

A Powerful Workflow for Studying High Speed Dynamics

Quickly open and survey 100,000s of images in a single timeline

Precisely identify frames of interest within seconds, and tag or create collections of those areas

Publish to video or export frames for analysis

Combine AXON With Our In Situ Solutions

AXON Synchronicity and AXON Studio work hand in hand with our heating and biasing (Fusion AX), liquid cell (Poseidon AX) and gas cell (Atmosphere AX) solutions. Live image streams are fully enriched with TEM, camera/detector and in situ metadata and are easily organized, viewed, filtered and published. Discover subtle trends in your data that would have previously gone unnoticed and find your breakthrough.

In Situ Gas Cell

Atmosphere AX introduces realistic, environmental temperatures and pressures inside the TEM, enabling you to image materials and processes in real-time.

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In Situ Liquid Cell

Poseidon AX seals a liquid environment between two electron-transparent membranes allowing you to observe real-time behavior within native liquid samples.

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In Situ Heating and Biasing

Fusion AX precisely controls thermal and electrical processes within the electron microscope, allowing you to explore sample behavior during heating and cooling.

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