Atmosphere AX Components

The Atmosphere AX in situ gas system is designed to give you the freedom to experiment with different gases, vapors and use it with a large variety of nanoscale samples. Every Protochips in situ holder is driven by the AXON machine-vision software, using a wide variety of MEMS-based E-chips and accessories to best fit your research needs. All of these components are fully approved by the major microscope manufacturers to meet their rigorous standards for safety, compatibility, and reliability.

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New Atmosphere Catalysis System

Atmosphere AX System

Shadow mask, FIB stub, and inspection holder for quick, reproducible sample prep from user to user

Machine-Vision Software: AXON
→ 200 metadata acquired and saved in each session
→ Automated drift and focus correction
→ Real-time electron dose monitoring even as samples move in and out of field of view
→ Full indexing of TEM, camera, and in situ metadata for filtering and plotting of parameters

Environmental TEM Holder
→ Self-aligning assembly
→ Design optimized for in situ EDS
→ Reaches up to 1 atmosphere of pressure

Custom Gas Handling Manifold
→ Stainless-steel components and automated bake-out to allow removal of trace residual chemicals
→ Volumetric blending enables superior gas environment flexibility
→ Helium-leak-tested allowing maximum removal of air and water as needed

Integrated Gas Analysis
→ Ultra-quiet operation that doesn’t degrade imaging resolution while in use by eliminating the need for a roughing pump
→ Maximized response time for ease of image-gas data alignment

Vapor Kit
→ Compatible with water, alcohols, and organic solvents
→ Accurately and reproducibly create vapors by doing so at room temperature to prevent condensation as they flow through the system

Analysis Software: AXON Studio
→ Free offline analysis software for streamlined all-in-one data visualization

tem sample support for gaseous environment
Transmission Electron Microscopy sample support for gaseous environment
tem sample support for gaseous environment
Transmission Electron Microscopy sample support for gaseous environment

Sample Supports: E-chips

The Atmosphere AX system uses custom-made microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) as sample supports to create the in situ conditions within the TEM. All E-chips are designed, fabricated, and quality checked in-house, which gives Protochips an immense amount of control and oversight to ensure quality and proper functionality, and keep cost minimized.

Atmosphere AX E-chips uses a patented silicon carbide heating membrane instead of a traditional metal coil that has and does not introduce a new metal to the experiment that could be unintentionally contribute to or interfere with the reaction. The heating membrane can reach 1000°C and each E-chip comes individually calibrated with its own calibration file to ensure any wafer-wide variations from manufacturing are taken into account.

Atmosphere AX E-chips are offered in configurations that enable high-resolution STEM imaging and EDS analysis, where the sample and heating element are placed where the STEM probe hits the sample first, mitigating broadening, and maximizing line of site to the EDS detectors.

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tem-image AXON

Machine-Vision Software: AXON

For in situ applications, AXON Synchronicity and AXON Studio work hand in hand with our Atmosphere AX system. AXON Synchronicity machine-vision software allows you to focus on on the sample and not the TEM controls, as heating and other metadata is all integrated. Live image streams fully enriched with TEM, camera/detector and in situ metadata are easily organized, viewed, filtered and published. Discover subtle trends in your data that would have previously gone unnoticed and find your breakthrough.

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