In Situ TEM Electrothermal Analysis

Fusion Select transforms your TEM into an in-situ laboratory using the flexibility of MEMS-based E-chips that deliver accurate, precise experimental conditions. Capable of sourcing and measuring picoamp level electrical signals and swift temperature changes up to 1200 °C, Fusion Select electrothermal analysis offers unmatched versatility and capability, accelerating results.


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Electrothermal assets

Fully Upgradeable

Fusion Select redefines in situ heating and electrical characterization. Select the system configuration that meets your needs today, and easily upgrade to add new features and capabilities as your research needs expand. Fusion Select is a completely configurable product, including double-tilt, electrical and electrothermal capabilities

In Situ TEM Electrothermal Analysis in a stable environment

Tilt With Confidence

Fusion Select’s unique beta tilt design ensures temperature and electrical current remain stable while tilting samples. The E-chip and contacts tilt together, up to +/-20°, so you can find the zone axis of your sample quickly and precisely even at high temperatures.

accurate heating with electrical experiments

Performance Without Compromise

EDS: Fusion Select’s low profile tip design ensures you get unparalleled access to high count x-rays to your multidetector EDS arrays, even at zero degree tilt.
Electrical Characterization: Maintain accurate heating with your electrical experiments. Now with more electrical contacts and a newly designed electrothermal E-chip, Fusion Select allows you the flexibility to perform a variety of electrothermal experiments.

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TEM Electrothermal System Components

Every Protochips in situ solution is driven by Clarity workflow-driven software, using a wide variety of MEMS-based E-chips and accessories to best fit your research needs. All of these components are fully approved by the major microscope manufacturers to meet their rigorous standards for safety, compatibility, and reliability.

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“The temperature drift stability of the Fusion holder is really impressive. We were able to perform spectrum imaging continuously for four hours while heating the sample over 500 degrees C, completely hands-off!”
- Dr. Thomas Aarholt, University of Oslo


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