What sets Fusion AX apart?

A complete solution from sample preparation to reporting results, Fusion AX will push performance, productivity, and discovery to exponentially high levels for your lab. The incorporation of first-of-its-kind machine vision software technology, instantly elevates the experience level and skill of the microscopist, enables capture of high resolution and high value data without multiple iterations, and streamlines processing and reporting utilizing only one software.

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Scaling Bulk to Nano

Recreate realistic, accurate temperatures over long periods of time and Confidently perform electrical characterization measurements on nanoscale samples down to picoscale levels 

Accelerating Productivity

Thoughtfully designed arsenal of tools that support reproducible sample preparation and fast introduction into the TEM

Fostering Discovery and Collaboration

Enhance collaboration by making experimental results easier to share, publish and reproduce

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AXON redefines the in situ experience by linking the transmission electron microscopy detectors and in situ systems together with a revolutionary new software platform. It improves data quality, enhances and extends your current microscope capabilities and makes in situ experiments easier for the novice to most advanced users. The AXON platform is a module-based software solution. Easily plug in new modules as they are released, and your system will stay up to date with the latest features.

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“The temperature drift stability of the Fusion holder is really impressive. We were able to perform spectrum imaging continuously for four hours while heating the sample over 500 degrees C, completely hands-off!”
- Dr. Thomas Aarholt, University of Oslo


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