Bringing you closer than ever before to nanoscale operando experiments

The Atmosphere system creates an in situ reaction chamber inside your TEM microscope, enabling atomic resolution imaging of dynamic nanoscale processes under realistic conditions. Featuring the ultimate flexibility in gas handling, software-controlled introduction of vapors, and an integrated residual gas analyzer, Atmosphere is bringing you closer than ever before to nanoscale operando experiments.


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exploded view of tem holder with components

More Data, Less Prep

Make the most of your microscope time by maximizing data collection and minimizing preparation work. From its self-aligning holder tip design to its intuitive software controls, Atmosphere was designed with your time in mind.

TEM gas cell

Create Without Limits

The custom gas handling manifold accurately measures, mixes, and flows just about anything to accommodate a wide range of experimental conditions. Compatible gases range from simple, single-component gases to complex, pre-mixed gases to unique, custom generated reactor exhaust streams to vapors like water, methanol, and naphtha.

TEM Environmental analytical data

Analytical Power

Capturing analytical data from EDS, EELS, and mass spectrometry adds an additional layer of knowledge that is impossible to discern from images alone. With E-chip configurations optimized for EDS and a residual gas analyzer that has been fully integrated for optimal performance, you are closer than ever before to nanoscale operando experiments.

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Environmental TEM System Components

Every Protochips in situ solution is driven by Clarity workflow-driven software, using a wide variety of MEMS-based E-chips and accessories to best fit your research needs. All of these components are fully approved by the major microscope manufacturers to meet their rigorous standards for safety, compatibility, and reliability.

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