Rosalind Franklin visit


It was a fun and insightful visit to Rosalind Franklin Institute where our executive team met with Prof. Angus Kirkland’s group to talk liquid EM. His group has gotten off to a fast start with the AXON-empowered Poseidon Select system, where Dr. Brian Caffrey exclaimed “the motion correction is unreal!”. Oh, we know, Brian! The high-contrast imaging and easy assembly of the Poseidon system has gotten them results almost instantly on their JEOL GrandARM2, which is where they also have the AXON machine vision software installed. Our team greatly enjoyed the exciting discussion surrounding the future of in situ TEM, STEM and data management for electron microscopy, and our new partnership. Cheers to continued success, we cannot wait to come back! Learn more about Prof. Kirkland’s research group here: #nanotechnology #nanoscience #electronmicroscopy #insituTEM #findyourbreakthrough

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