The field of electron microscopy has long demanded a high level of skill and effort to run experiments in their native environment (in situ). Although these results have shed new light on many fields of science, the complexity of in situ experiments has been a barrier to widespread adoption of these techniques. With the release of Protochips AXON software, that is no longer the case.


Protochips AXON software completely redefines the in situ experience for all TEM users, novice to advanced.  AXON puts the sample front and center throughout the entire in situ experiment, even at extreme magnifications.  The complexity of operating multiple instruments at once is overcome by integrating the stage, camera and TEM holder together into a far more powerful, efficient, and intuitive workflow.  AXON software also streamlines the process of collecting quality data. Experiment conditions are fully synchronized with images, making data analysis easier during and after the imaging session. 


For the first time, experience samples behaving in their real-world conditions and easily capture reactions in stunning detail. AXON takes TEM experiments much further toward realizing the microscope’s full potential and expands the community of in situ researchers and applications.



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