Tuesday publication update! Have you ever wanted to see MXenes in the electron microscope in real time using electrochemstry? The authors of this newest publication have looked at Ti3C2Tx MXene Film for High-Performance Actuators using the #PoseidonAX system!

The enhancement of tetrabutylammonium (TBA) in MXene catapults the in-plane actuation strain by a staggering 337%, amplifying mechanical robustness and stability in air and electrolyte environments.

TBA and Li ions co-inserting/deserting into/from MXene interlayer galleries and inter-edge gaps trigger substantial in-plane sliding of MXene sheets under polarizations. This resulted in an actuator with exceptional strength and modulus, generating substantial strain differences and remarkable blocking forces at just 1 V.

Additionally, using a soft robotic tweezer the authors were able to seize objects effortlessly at 1 V and firmly holding them at 0 V. The ingenious sheet sliding mechanism, akin to the filament sliding theory in skeletal muscles, opens doors for future high-performance actuators with diverse nanomaterials.

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