New E-chip Alert! We have two new E-chips for Poseidon electrochemistry and we so excited to share them with you! The first one is a new, thinner-spacer electrochemistry E-chip that give you the ultimate flexibility to determine the liquid layer thickness. Now going down to 100 nm, you can find the best balance between liquid layer thickness for your sample and optimizing the electrical signal.

These will be available in all of our concentric designs with both platinum and glassy carbon options for working electrodes, and are compatible with our new standard reference electrode. You’ll have to keep watching our page to learn about the second one.

Join our waitlist to be notified when these E-chips are available for order: Did you know we make all our own E-chips in-house? We design, manufacture, quality check, and package all our own E-chips. This gives us the ultimate control over the designs, materials, quality, and price, allowing us respond quickly and create a better experience for our customers.

New E-chips thin announcement


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