In research areas where portions of bulk material are the desired sample for in situ TEM analysis, our new FIB-optimized Poseidon Electrochemistry E-chip is the perfect sample support for these types of experiments. FIB lamella preparation on its own, without considering in situ TEM, is challenging to say the least. We want to ensure that your time spent at the FIB preparing a sample for in situ TEM is not wasted by providing you with a workflow that leads to successful sample preparation.

Our new E-chip design is a slight modification of our current popular “concentric electrode” design. The large concentric counter electrode that surrounds the working electrode is still there to provide an even field distribution, the reference electrode is still located at a safe distance from the working electrode for stability, but now the working electrode has been moved just off to the side of the delicate silicon nitride viewing window, as opposed to being right on top of it.

The new location of the working electrode provides a robust area to deposit and attach the lamella without risking breakage of the viewing window. Even for a scientist with years of FIB experience, it can be challenging to control that micromanipulator in a way that protects the viewing window, so we have just eliminated that risk altogether.

Above shows a FIB lamella of 304 stainless steel deposited onto one of the early designs of this E-chip.

Like our other electrochemistry E-chips, the electrodes are still located on the top E-chip to enable STEM imaging and EDS collection.

EDS analysis of the above 304 SS hybrid FIB lamella showing a MnS inclusion’s dissolution over time. Microsc. Microanal. 23, 741–750, 2017

Try using this with our FIB stub and step-by-step FIB lamella preparation guide for a workflow that maximizes your efficiency and success rate of FIB lamella sample preparation.

Courtesy to University of Manchester for working with us on the development of this E-chip. Read their corrosion-related publication using the prototype version of this E-chip here:

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