Today is the start of the 2024 Gordon Research Conferences surrounding Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy. We are honored to be a part of this cutting-edge meeting where those on the forefront of this community can share and learn from each other. Our own Dr. Madeline Dressel Dukes is giving a talk surrounding our most recent developments that support relevant scaling of bulk electrochemical experiments to the nanoscale, especially as related to battery, electrocatalysis, and corrosion research.

In addition to Madeline, our product manager Jennifer McConnell will join her to support discussions on the future vision of the products and to take in feedback on the trajectory of the research as well as future needs of the community.

We look forward to seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and working together to push liquid phase electron microscopy to new heights (while submersed in beautiful scenery, of course)!

2024-01-26 GRC

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